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ReACT Training Program
Shoothouse USA is continually innovating it's training curriculum. Instructors and Staff spend countless hours on both Live Fire and Virtual Training Applications seeking to continually improve. It is this commitment to excellence that drives the Training Programs and the Systems that enable the maximum learning potential using the latest technology, doctrines, and techniques.
Available by appointment only.
React Training Program, gun training, gun safety, virtual range
Starting in June, 2016 Virtual Range Sessions will be available by appointment only. This allows us to open more dates and times while maintaining operational efficiency. We prefer a minimum of 2 days notice in scheduling so that we can maximize your experience. Sessions run 30 minutes. (30 minutes on a Virtual Range is about all most shooters can handle.) There are unlimited trigger pulls, no magazines to reload, no hand fatigue from continuous recoil.

You choose what you want to shoot:
  • Fun and exciting moving targets, exploding targets, shoothouses, and much more
  • Work on a particular skill (Open Range sessions are not coached. For Instructed sessions call to schedule time with an instructor) We can, however, assist you in selecting courses of fire that work on developing a particular skill.
  • Safe (NO live ammo)
  • Can be set for ANY skill level - brand new/novice to advanced.
For the price on a single 50 round box of ammo (only 50 trigger pulls possible) you'll get virtually UNLIMITED trigger pulls.
Cost: General Public $15 per 30 minute session per person OR $35 for up to 6 shooters
Reservations are not required but can be made by calling the Range at 501.327.7872 during normal business hours.
virtual range react training program, chl, cwp, concealed carry

Shoothouse USA employs this Virtual Simulator and the Krav Maga system of training concepts that utilizes adrenal stress responses that a human being experiences under a real assault.  Because the body responds differently when it is startled or adrenalized the training must simulate these physiological and emotional responses in order to survive it.  This program incorporates the specialized training that has been approved and adopted by Law Enforcement Training Centers in several states.

See why Law Enforcement, Military Personnel, Business Owners, Housewives, and Community Leaders are endorsing this new cutting edge type of training that can emotionally, physically and mentally train you to survive a violent encounter. Please choose from one of the Training Courses below and begin your journey to become a more responsibly armed citizen.

Shoothouse USA utilizes a Virtual Training Simulator.  This incredibly realistic video equipment creates over 800 confrontational scenarios that you must react to.  Based on your response this state of the art technology, called "Branch Outcome", can alter the events on the screen depending on your immediate actions or non-actions. We can emotionally train people on how to deal with de-escalation and shoot or don't shoot training.  This type of training should be required for everyone that decides to carry a firearm for personal protection.

Included with each training course will be a set of CGI Firearms Drills and Exercises that you can use to further develop the skills learned but without having the expense of ammunition. Virtual Training
is NOT a replacement for live fire shooting. It IS a recognized invaluable method of improving those live-fire skills in a safe and economical manner.

Why do you think pilots log hundreds of hours in simulators?

If you carry a handgun for self defense you owe it to yourself, those you care about and those around you to be responsibly armed. Just owning a gun does not automatically make you a defensive pistol shooter any more than owning a musical instrument makes you a musician. It is only through responsible and consistent TRAINING that you become proficient enough to accomplish the act of self defense during FEAR-ADRENAL-STRESS situations. If you are not training in a realistic environment then you are denying yourself of the skill development that is  ESSENTIAL to surviving a violent encounter.

Shoothouse USA is one of only a handful of ranges in the U.S. that are engaging in this type of advanced training. Find out more about this rapidly growing and incredibly valuable training experience that has the entire firearms instructor community ranting favorably about.

What students are saying about the Skill Development sessions:

"I like to shoot competition and I see the pro's training like this on a daily basis. It's nice to have the tools, facility, and instruction to work on the fundamentals and advancing my ability. GREAT opportunity and GREAT price. Thanks Shoothouse!"
- David M.