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For Concealed Carry Licensing
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Whether you are:
• Brand new to shooting
• Seeking to learn the defensive use of a handgun for home
self defense
• Looking to improve your marksmanship skills
private training may be the best option for you. We will cover topics, tactics, and techniques specific to your individual needs and experience. 
Choose a convenient date and time to receive private instruction for 1 or 2 people. 
1 Person 2 Hours $90
Add a 2nd person for only $45 more!
More than 2 students, please contact Shoothouse USA for special pricing.

 ReACT Training Program

ReACT Scenario Training
Introducing a NEW Concept in Training for the REAL WORLD.

Unfortunately, it seems our world is filled with tragic events. Often times they cause us to wonder how we would have reacted in the same or similar scenario.
Shoothouse USA's ReACT Training Program will grow it's existing suite of classes to include detailed instruction in a specific scenario that is in the news. These may range from home invasion, to car-jacking, to workplace violence, to active shooter, and many other life threatening, life changing events.

ReACT Training Program™ will feature Active Self Defense Training in deadly force encounters that are similar to those in the daily news. You will receive instruction in a very limited class (no more than 4 students) for a full 2 hours, working on the details of recognition, reaction, and what to do before, during and after the encounter. You will be given opportunities to detect, deter, disengage and, if necessary defend.

Members $69
General Public $99