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Arkansas Concealed Handgun Carry License Renewal
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Renewing your
Arkansas Concealed Handgun License
is EASY!

Getting your Arkansas Concealed Handgun License Renewal is a very simple, 2 step process. The Steps are:
  • Taking the Renewal class (approx 30 minutes)
  • Submitting your Renewal Application to the State Police
These can be done in either order. The Arkansas State Police Concealed Handgun Division will not begin processing your renewal application until both steps have been completed.

You can only do your renewal in the last 90 days of your license.

We recommend that you go online & submit your Renewal Application to Arkansas State Police, then schedule & complete the Renewal class at Shoothouse USA.

Bring the Confirmation Number provided by the State Police with you to class (you will need that number placed on your Training Certificate). Class will cover: Prohibited Places, Law Changes, Reciprocal States, and Shooting Qualification (bring at least 10 rounds and a semi-automatic handgun).

Cost for the State Application is $63.00. Shoothouse USA offers Renewal classes for only $35 and are scheduled by appointment so we can accommodate your schedule.
NOTE: If your license has expired less than 6 months you can still renew online. They will assess an additional $15 late fee.

Click the State Police Star to the left to be taken
to the Arkansas State Police Concealed Carry Renewal Form

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