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Concealed Carry RenewalTo RENEW an existing License

Concealed Carry Ladies Only Nervous about the shooting portion of the class? Visit the Concealed Carry Page and Book an Appointment with Tom to receive semi-private instruction in handgun basics and safety. He will even walk you through shooting your qualifying target so that you don't have to shoot on the day of class. Learn more ...


Click HERE for the Arkansas State Police Concealed Handgun Requirements for License. THIS CLASS IS STRICTLY LADIES ONLY.

Required Equipment:
Valid Photo ID
Semiautomatic Handgun* (.22 cal or larger)
Ammunition - 10 rounds minimum
*We can provide a handgun to use for class at no additional charge.

Application for Concealed handgun Carry License from
Arkansas State Police. Click HERE or on the State Police Star below to be taken to the ASP NEW Application form.

State Application is NOT required prior to taking the class.
State Application Fees (Applicants have up to 6 months after taking class to make submit their application)

New License (age 64 or younger) = $142.11
(Includes on-line application and background check fee.)
New License (age 65 or older) = $90.61
(Includes on-line application and background check fee.)

Regular $120
See Dates and Times below

Shoothouse USA in Arkansas' Leading Concealed Carry Licensing Facility. Tuition includes:

  • Professional Instructors (Taught by a Woman)
  • Professional Classroom Environment
  • Indoor Range Qualification
  • Fingerprinting
  • Target, Eye and Hearing Protection
  • Copy of Arkansas Laws, Rules and Regulations

[asp 09-591, 09-592, 10-642, 11-698, 11-717, 12-774, & 14-1080]